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Podcast recorded on Tuesday 16 September 2014

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Monday 1 September 2014

We compile a Starting XI of TV Detectives, sort through your Weekend Headlines and Richie has some ideas for "improving" Stonehenge.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Today's specials: an extraordinary playing of the 'Names, As In' game, your buzzlist is compiled, and Richie has bad news for people who like bookshelves.

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Who will reign victorious on the final Scissors Paper Stone game for Kasabian tickets? Plus Roy Hodgson is on the phone and we spin the Wednesday Wheel Of.

Thursday 4 September 2014

Two Hollywood celebs join us, so we talk about Jason Segel's undercarriage and if Cameron Diaz loves Brentford FC. We also hear what's bugging kids, and Richie invents another terrible...

Friday 5 September 2014

Ahead of their big season opener, we speak to Harvey from Westcliffe RFC Juniors and his sister Agnes who's dad is on the roof. Plus there's a bench built in the studio, another rubbish...

Saturday 6 September 2014

OC's full interview with Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel


Monday 8 September 2014

OC's ruined his neighbours fence, Richie totally mispredicted the weather and we hear how the results of our unorthodox weekend predictions turned out.

Tuesday 9 September 2014

What questions should you ask Billy Ocean? Who's better - Ray Mears or Bear Grylls? Do you want to go karting? All questions answered in this here podcast.

Wednesday 10 September 2014

A teacher called Mark and his class of 7 year olds are the first to enter our Soap Box Derby. Appropriately, the Wednesday Wheel of today asks, is there anyone listening who has a story...

Thursday 11 September 2014

Ramps! Vans! Complaints about Waitrose from a future prime minister! We've got it all.

Friday 12 September 2014

A nine year old takes on Waitrose, a schoolteacher gets the Richie treatment and we play golf on the radio with utterly disastrous consequences.



Monday 15 September 2014

Richie denounces Dance Music, we argue over a Starting 11 of Cartoon Characters and go through your Weekend Headlines.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Ever been naked on a tow path? Ever heard Machu Pichu in a Welsh accent? Ever wanted to hear a dance remix of Richie? Good news, it's all here.

















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