The No Repeat Guarantee

You won't hear the same song twice between 10am-5pm, every single day.

Absolute Radio is the home of the No Repeat Guarantee.

We guarantee not to repeat any songs from 10am to 5pm every single day – giving you more time with less repetition, whether you're at work during the week, or chilling out at the weekend…

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Andy Bush

Andy Bush

Afternoons between 1pm and 5pm on Absolute Radio.

Leona Graham

Leona Graham

Amazingly, presenting was never part of her career plan.

Listening online?

If you're logged-in and listening online, there's a chance that you may very occasionally hear a repeated track.

This is because you are hearing 50% fewer ads. (We know, it's awesome, right?) Don't ask how we do this. It's something technical and boring that our boffins came up with in the lab. But they still need to work on it a bit more, so the very occasional repeat may creep in. For now.