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Super Bowl XLVIII on Absolute Radio

Well, what a season! We've covered so many great games across the year and it's not over yet! We are finally at the Super Bowl, where the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos.

It's the Super Bowl game fans had hoped for, with the league's number one defence the Seattle Seahawks facing the Denver Broncos, the number one offence, led by the record-shattering Peyton Manning. The Super Bowl XLVIII will see them fight it out in New York for the chance to be crowned the world champions.

We'll be chatting with the Red Hot Chili Peppers before they get involved in the world-famous half-time entertainment. Also on the show will be Voice of The Simpsons and Spinal Tap member Harry Shearer, plus Britain's biggest NFL nut, Vernon Kay.

Absolute Radio and Absolute Radio 90s will be the only place on the radio where you'll be able to hear it all. Will Gavin will be in London and Darren Fletcher and Super Bowl winner Rocky Boiman will bring you the commentary from the Metlife Stadium.

In Super Bowl XLVII, Jacoby Jones scored a record breaking 109-yard touchdown, helping to seal the deal on the perfect ending to legend Ray Lewis' career, as he led the Ravens to beat the San Francisco 49ers.

Who will win Super Bowl XLVIII? Listen to Absolute Radio and Absolute Radio 90s from 10pm on Sunday, the only place on British radio where you'll be able to find out.

Meet the team

Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt

Sports broadcaster Adam Hunt regularly covers football of the round ball variety for Sky Sports, FOX Sports and the Premier League's official news channel.

But, having spent the best part of 5 years living in the US, Adam is also a fan of the American kind of football. He's delighted to be a part of the Absolute team and is looking forward to following the progress if his 'home' franchise, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Let's just hope they can win more than 2 games this season!

Darren Fletcher
Darren Fletcher
Darren Fletcher

One of the BBC's top football commentators, Darren Fletcher can be heard regularly on Radio 5 live and BBC 1's Match of the Day as well as top Football Phone-In show 606 along with his close mate Robbie Savage.

He is one of the fastest growing names in sports broadcasting having recently called his first NFL Super Bowl.

NFL Basics

Absolute Radio 90s is the new home for the NFL on UK radio, and if you're new to the sport we thought we'd explain some of the basics.

Absolute Radio clipart of American Football playersPlayers - Each side can only have 11 players on the field during a play, but they have up to 46 eligible players for a game. Each side has 3 sub-teams within it, an Offensive Team (in possession), a Defensive Team (not in possession), and a Special Team (for a play involving kicking).

Absolute Radio clipart of an American footballer celebrating while scoringScoring - Ultimately teams are trying to score a touchdown (6 points) by either running the ball into, or catching/receiving the ball from a pass, in the end zone. The end zone is located at the opposite end of the field and marked with a white line. After scoring a touchdown the kicker has the chance to earn an extra point by kicking the ball through the posts. Finally, a player can score a field goal (3 points) by kicking the ball through the posts in open play.

Absolute Radio clipart of a play in American FootballAdvancing - There are two main ways for the offense to advance the ball: throwing plays, which are high-risk but will usually achieve more yards and progress up the field, and running plays, which are lower risk but normally result in fewer yards gained.

Absolute Radio clipart of a 10-yard markers in American FootballDowns - The attacking team have four chances, or downs, to move the ball at least 10 yards. Achieving this results in a new set of downs. Failing to achieve a 'first down' results in the opposition taking possession of the ball. During a game you will regularly hear this referred to as the attempt number followed by the minimum yards left to gain. For example: 2nd & 8 means it's the offensive team's 2nd attempt to gain at least 8 yards.

Absolute Radio clipart of a stop watchTime - The clock is separated into 15 minute quarters. The clock stops when the ball goes out of bounds for incomplete passing plays, or if a penalty is called. Each team has three time-outs they can call in each half; these can be called at any point to stop the clock for at least 40 seconds and allow the team to plan their next play. Failure to have a winner at full time results in sudden death: the first team to score wins.

These five should get you started, but if you feel you'd like to learn more about the sport, then why not head over to the NFL's 360 page or the NFL's beginner's guide.

Team Picker

If you're new to American Football, one of the big questions you might have is: Who should I support? Fear not. To help you make that big decision, we just need you to pick your favourite TV show or musician.


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Tickets to see San Francisco 49ers at the Jacksonville Jaguars

To celebrate our brand new partnership with the NFL, we've got a pair of tickets for you to be at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 27 October to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars host the San Francisco 49ers. It's the second big Wembley game of this season, which sold out really quickly, and it's going to be huge!

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