Pun Street Yellow Pages

The complete list


Pun Street: A - L

Accountancy - Many Happy Returns
Airplane Valet - Rise & Shine
Animal Acting Agency - Paws For Effect
Animal Neutering - Ace Of Speys
Antique Doll Specialist - Dollectibles

Antiques - Traders of the Lost Art
Aquatic supplies & fish shop - It's Pondamonium!

Art supplies - Gallery Singleton
Baby Goods - My Crib Rocks
Bakers - R Daley Bread
Balloon Shop - Hullaballoon
Barbers Salon - Choppy Toff's

Barbers (Military) - Defence Cuts
Beauty Salon - Facial Attraction
Bed Linen - Holy Sheet
Bed Shop - Beddy Buys
Bike Shop & Repairs - Mud, Sweat and Gears
Bird Sanctuary - Owlcatraz
Boat Sales - Boatylicious

Bowling Alley - Spare Time
Brewery - A Brew Kedabrew (owned by a magician)
Burger Van - Only Food & Sauces

Cake Shop - Much Ado About Muffins
Car audio specialists - Car Toonz
Car dealers, specialising in Fords - Harris On Ford
Car Servicing - Carnossieur
Car Body Repairs - Dire Scrapes
Car Recovery - Crash and Carry
Car Spray Painting - Let Us Spray
Caribbean Restaurant - Jamaican Me Hungry
Carpenters - Woodnail & I
Carpet Fitters - Himalaya Carpets
Carpet/ Rug Cleaners - Captain RugWash

Carpet and flooring retalier - Floors Truly
Casino - Cashino
Cattery - The Pawchester

CCTV & Security - BDi CCTV
CD Sleeve manafacturers - A CD Sleeve
Cement mixers - Jim'll Mix It

Cheese Shop - C'est Cheese
Children's Play Centre - Bairns Necessity
Children's clothing store department (in XXXL and all that - an outsize clothing shop) - Plus and Minors

Chinese restaurant - Kung Fusion
Chip Shop - Madame Batterfry

Christmas tree shop - Pines & Needles
Cleaners - Spruce Springclean
Coat shop, especially Trench coats - Trench Connection

Coffee shop - Cuppeateano's
Coffee Machine Repairs - Caffeine Fix
Computer Shop - Bytes and PC's

Computer repairs (Apple products) - iPatch
Concrete Drillers - Natural Born Drillers
Construction - Nelly Development

Corner Shop - Singhsburys
Courier - Foxes classier Sprints
Cowboy supplies - Indiana Jeans

Crazy Golf - Jurassic Par
Crockery design - Craic Pots

Curtain/Blind Shop - Hung Drawn and Altered
Damp proofing - Dampbusters
Decking specialist - Woody Wood Decker

Dental nurse temp agency - Fill Ins
Dentist - Nothing but the Tooth
DIY - Jolly Bodger
Dog Boarding - Muttlins
Dog Groomers - Emma Scissor Hands (replacing Indiana Bones & the Temple of Groom in a slightly destructive session in the chamber)

Dog Training - Sit Happens
Dog Walking - Houndstretchers
Dog waste collectors - Tour of doodie
Donut Shop - Glazed & Infused
Dressmakers - Make It Sew

Dressmakers (for transgender shoppers) - Hide & Sleek
Drive through Off Licence - Toot'n'Come in
Driving Instructor - 'L' Passo

Dry Cleaners - Crease Lightning
Egg Supplies - Cluck Hen Brilliant
Electrical appliances testing - Socket & See
English Restaurant - Breakfast at Timothy's
Fake snow for the entertainment industry - Snowbusiness

Eyebrow Salon - Browhaus
Falafel Restaurant - Moorish
Fathers & Toddlers Group - Men Behaving Dadly

Festival Catering (Indian food) - Asian Grub Foundation
Fireworks - Bangers and Flash
Fish pedicure shop - Bon Apperfeet
Fishing trips - Fish'n'Trips
Fishmongers - Prawnbrokers
Florist - Floral & Hardy

Franking - Franking Sense
Frozen Haulage Specialist - Super Calibre Frigo Logistic Import Export Davis
Fudge Shop - Fudge The Issue
Funerals - Mourning Glory
Furniture - Wood You Like Company
Garden Maintenance - Weed It & Reap
Ghost Bus Tours - Ghost Bus-Tours
Golf shop - Charles De Golf
Grate and fireplace shop - Flamebuoyant
Grave maintanence - Grave Concerns
Greek Restaurant - Aesop's Tables
Gym - Ab-Salute
Hairdressers (Ladies) - Salon Lebon
Hairdressers (Gents, see Barbers)

Hand bags - Handbags at Dawns

Haulage - Freight to the Point
Hen Housing - Fowlty Towers
Hog Roasters - Piggy in the Griddle
Horse Sanctuary - Only Foals and Horses

Horse Transport - Only Foals and Horses (!)
Hosiery - Thigh's The Limit
Hot Dog stand - Sgt Pepper's Only Hotdog Stand
Hotel - The Welcome Inn
Ice Delivery Service - Ice To Meet You
Indian restaurant - Poppadom Preach

Ink Cartridge Refills - Re-Ink-Our-Nation
International pet transfers - Transfur

Investment Agent - Investor Morse
Jewellers - Indivi-jewel-istic
Joiners Van - Chisel Me Timbers
Kebab van that?s a converted Ambulance - Kebambulance
Knitting accessories - World of Woolcraft
Landscapes - Marquis de Sod
Laundrette - Wish You Wash Here
Letting Agency - Letters of Distinction
Lingerie shop - Bare Necessities
Llama sales - Dial a Llama
Lock Smith - Sure Lock Homes
Loft Converters - Lofts In Space


Pun Street: M - Z

Maternity Wear - Womb To Grow
Meals on Wheels - On Trays
Meat delivery - Meat At Your Place

Mechanic - Intensive Car Unit
MediŠval re-enactments - Joust For Fun
Mens Clothing - Brick Shirt House
Mexican Food Campervan - Chilli Gone Barmy
Milkshake parlour - Eskimoo
Mini Golf - Liliputt
Mobile bike fixer - The Spokesman
Mobile car valet - Foamula One
Mobile Disco and Karaoke - Amp and Decks
Mobile seafood shack - Eels on Wheels
Mobility Aids - Cane and Able

Movie catering - Cecil B de Meals
Music instrument casing - Protection Racket
Music instrument shop - Beat 'n' Track
Nail Salon - Cute Ickle
Nappy services - Rock a Dry Baby
Native American Gift Shop - Sioux Venirs
Nepalese burgers - YakDonalds
Novelist themed T Shirts - Novel-T
Oatcake vendor - The Oatcake Corral
Off License - The Grogfather
Opticians - For Eyes
Owl ringbearers - Flying the Knot
Painter and Decorator - Luther Van Gloss
Pancake restaurant - Wholly Crepe
Paper Shredding - Right Let's Shred
Pawnbrokers - Cash 22
Pet Shop - Tyrannosaurus Pets
Pest Control - Flock Off (specialising in birds)
Pharmacy delivery service - Instant Pharma
Picture Framing - Prints Charming
Pie Shop - Sir-Pies Sir-Pies
Piercings - Holier Than Thou

Pillow and Cushion Shop - Much Ado About Stuffing
Pizza restaurant - All Pizzas Great & Small

Plastering firm - Mortar Life
Plumber's Merchants - Napoleon Boiler Parts
Plumbers - Duane Pipe

Plumbers (female only staff) - Stopcocks
Podiatrist - Saving Soles
Pond retailer - Gentleman Prefer Ponds
Portaloo Company - WC Infields
Pub - The Bitter Suite
Quilt makers - Quilty Pleasures
Record Shop - Criminal Records
Recording studio - Shabbey Road
Recruitment (Renewable energy sector) - Earth, Wind & Hire
Removals - Jean Claude Van Man
Roofing Merchant - Slates & Ladders
Sandwich shop - Snack My Wich Up
Scrap Dealers - Rust in Peace
Scottish Ice Cream Van - Phil McCone
Scottish tat shop - Thistle Do Nicely
Second Hand Record Shop - Vinyl Resting Place
Second hand wedding dresses - Brides Dress Revisited

Shed shop - Ready Sheddy Go
Shoe repair - That's Shoe Business
Shoe Shop - Shoenanigans
Shooting Gallery - Rick O'Shea's Shooting Club
Signmakers - Mad Sign-tists

Skateboard shop - The Boardroom
Skip Hire - Battleskips
Snake shop - Snakes & Adders
Soup Restaurant - Soup'urb

Speciality Butcher - Halal is it meat you're looking for?
Sports Shop - M
erchant of Tennis
Snooker Hall - Cue Gardens
Stained Glass windows shop - Kiss My Glass

Storage Facility - Fort Box
Strip Bar - Moll Teaser
Stripping/refurbishment - Jack The Stripper
Surfing and Diving Equipment - Reef Encounter

Surf School & adventures - Board Silly
Sweet Shop - Bon Appe-sweet
Synthetic Grass suppliers - Leave Us A Lawn
Tailor - Touching Cloth
Tank Hire - Tanks for Everything
Tanning Shop - U Rang A Tan
Tapas Restaurant - Octapas
Tattoo Parlour - Pimp My Hide
Taxi - Chariots of Hire
Taxidermist - Get Stuffed

Teddy bear shop - Bearly in Business
Team building, using sheep - Raise the baa
Thai Restaurant - Old School Thai

Theatrical Stage Combat & Fight Choreogrpahy - Rapier Wit
They press your ashes into an LP! - And Vinyly
Tiling Company - Bonnie Tilers
Traditional Butcher - Love Meat Tender
Tree Surgeon - Take a Bough
Tyre Service - Father Treads
Underfloor heating - Terra Therma
Vegetable box delivery service - Close To The Veg
Vegetarian Restaurant - Veggie Perrin
Video rental - Planet of the Tapes
Video Game Store - Console Yourself
Video Gaming Cafe - Level Up
Village Shop - G. G. Granvilles
Vintage bikes - Old Spokes Home
Vintage Clothes - Change of A Dress
War Memorabilia Store - Norman D Landing
Waste & Cess Pit Cleaning -Suck Ces
Water Sports - Nauti Buoys
Wheelie Bin cleaning - Wheelie Kleen
Wifi hotspot - Pretty Fly for a wifi
Window Cleaners - Mr. Bit
Window Fitters - Pane in the Glass
Wine Merchants - Planet of the Grapes
Winnebago Hire - Vroom with a View
Wood flooring suppliers - Floors For Thought

Yoghurt & Frozen Yoghurt - Yogo Ono

Pun Street is twinned with Punny La Rue in France, home to glassmakers Savoir Verre.


Charming Alley

Air conditioning - Stiff Nipples
Antique Dealers - Your Aunty Used to Have One but She Threw it Away
Bed store - Happy Nightmares
Bike shop & cafe - Look Mum, No hands
Book publisher - Book, Line & Thinker

Cafe - Billy No Mates
Corner Shop - Open Most Hours
Cut price goods - The Famous ú1.20 Shop
Fish shop - www.fish.cod
Fishing Tackle - FISHING MAYHEM!!
Funeral Parlour - Happy Go Lucky

Fusion cuisine - Ghandi's Chopsticks
Gay Bar - Does Your Mother Know?
Gym, in a disused church - Give Me strength
Hairdressers - You're Gorgeous, But What's With The Hair?

Hairdressers - Frankie Says... Hair
Hairdressers - It'll Grow Back
Hairdressers & phone charging - Things Never Be The Same Haircut & Phone Charge (based in Ghana)
Jewellery -The Devil Wears Charms

Mouthguard supplies - Gobsmacked
Muffin Shop - Double or Muffin
Pet Hire - Book a chook (specialising in chickens)
Phone Supplies (mobile cart) - Apples  & Berry's
Piano Movers - Deathwish Piano Movers

Piano tuition - Fingers & Thumbs
Plus-size clothes shop - Three Times A Lady

Restaurant (Hip Hop themed) - Bon Rap-etite

Restaurant (Indian food) - Major Curry Affair
Second hand shop - It Must be Stolen
Second hand store - located on the corner of Charming Alley and Creepy Close - Dead People's Stuff

Sweet Shop - Sugar Happens
Sweet Shop - Don't Tell The Dentist
Takeaway (Chip Shop) - 300 Spartans
Tattoo removals - On Second Thoughts
Van self-drive hire - Go Truck Yourself

Waste Disposal - The Poo Lorry
Wig shop - Not To Worry


Fail Lane

Baby Clothes - www.baby2000
Bakers - French Lettuce
Barbers - Shear Agony
Barbers - Destroy
Beauticians - Kiss My Fairy

Beauty Spa - Spaghetti Tree
Bike Shop - Bikes-On-Wheels

Bridal Shop - Just A Day
Cafe, in Morocco, in Facebook font - FaceCoffee
Cafe - Hard Bike Cafe
Card Shop - Ace of Cards
Cat wash/valet - The Washfather
Chinese Restaurant - Swiss Cottage
Chinese Restaurant - The Roman Empire
Chinese Takeaway - Michael's
Cleaners - A******
Dog supplies - Desperate House Dogs
Dress shop - Hel's Kitchen
Driving School - Crash Driving School
Fish Pedicure - Piranha Fish Spa
Flooring - Luke Floorwalker
Gym - Sweat F.A.
Gym - Inn Action
Hair salon - Exp-hair-teze
Hair salon - Atmosp'hair
Hair salon - Stasi Salon
Hair salon - Lock Stock and Two Smoking Scissors
Hairdresser - Cut The Crap
Hairdresser - The Suez Canal* (see below)
Hairdresser - Scissors in the City

Hairdresser - L'Scissors
Hairdresser - Cl'Haire
Hairdresser - Scissors.COMb
Hairdresser - Sweeny Tom
Hippie clothes - Gypsiphilia
Indian restaurant - Flute Signature
Ink shop - Ink on Wheels
Landscaping supplies - Soil Yourself
Ladies fashion shop - Fugli

Letting Agency - Katie Homes
Luggage shop - Carrion
Pet Grooming - Wizard Of Paws
Pet store - This is on the corner of Fail Lane and Creepy Close - Bon Appetite
Pound Shop - Crazy Madness
Refridgeration Company - 007 Refridgeration, License to Chill
Pet Foods - Barf
Pub - Face Pub (in the Facebook font)
Restaurant (Chinese) - Ms G's
Restaurant (Chinese) - Calories
Restaurant (French) - Don't Trust The Germans
Rice Puddingery! -Rice To Riches
Rice Puddingery! - Pudding On The Rice

Running gear - Achilles Heel
Running gear - Sweat Shop
Sandwich Shop - Via Agra
School Uniform Shop - All Things Uniform, Its Wear to Go

Salad Bar - When Eddie Met Salad
Strip bar - Lap Zeplin
Takeaway - AbraPizza
Takeaway - Kebab Fish Knight
Takeaway - Only Fools and Falafal

Tanning Salon - The Only Tan is Essex
Tattooist - Inkfectious
Tattoist - Blood, Sweat & Ink
Taxi Service - Lady Cabs
Taxi service - Halfway Cabs
Thai Restaurant - Happy Garden Restaurant
Tiles - The Tiling King
Toy Shop - Much Ado About Toys
Travel Agents - Don't Go There
Video Rental - On The Video Front

Vietnamese restuarant - Brooklyn Tomato
Weightloss - Totally Flab-e-loss

*Suez Canal gets Pun Street's 1st Blue Plaque as it is a 'short cut'.

Fail Lane Monuments

Fail Lane has a statue of David Grainger on it to celebrate his suggestion of a failed pun with the Top Cat Piet Emporium - which he believed to be a bad attempt at a pun on Carpet Emporium but which turned out to be the quite reasonable name, Top Cat Pet Emporium... which sells pets and not carpets.

There is also a bench dedicated to Princessa_Vicki for her proposal of Rhythm & Rice for Pun Street despite thec fact that it doesn't appear to actually be a pun.
The brilliantly named Santiago Durand has a bust, playing snooker, in honour of an attempt to get Absolute Snooker onto fail lane as a roadside recovery firm, when they were actually a snooker table supplier.


Vain Parade

Beauticians - Julia Knows Beauty
Day Nursery - AbracaDebra
Cafe - Tina, We Salute You
Football club - FC Atletico Faustino Asprilla

Hairdresser - The Nicola Adams Experience
Hairdresser - Marks Above The Rest
Purse shop - Alf, The Purse King
Indian Restaurant - I am King Of Balti


Creepy Close

??? - Kiss My Kids
Barbers - Blood And Bandages
Barbers - Cut U Up
Caterers/fast food - Captain Fingers
Child care centre - Pied Piper
Children's clothes - Kids Exchange

Childrens store - Just 'F' Kids
Childrens store - Kid-nap
Dog Boarding, and crematorium - Canberra Boarding Kennels, Pet Cemetery & Crematorium
Electricians - Turn You On
Fishmonger - Meat without Feet
Hair salon - Eroticuts
Hairdresser - Chainsaw Massacre Salon
Indian/Sri Lankan takeaway - Watch Me
'Gentleman's Club' - ST1
Gymnasium - Slaughterhouse Health Club
Kitchens - KK Kitchens
Lingerie - Secrets From My Sister

Lingerie - Tender Trap
Make Up Supplies - Facial Attraction
Massage parlour - Lucky Finger
Mobile disco - Short Term Discharge
Nursery - Sticky Fingers
Second hand store - located on the corner of Charming Alley and Creepy Close - Dead People's Stuff

Pet Photographer - Shoot My Pet
Seafood Restaurant - She's Got Crabs
Strip Club - Burke & Hare
Tattooist - Drawing Blood



Richard Herring's Cultural Quarter, aka The Herring Area

Barbed wire museum - The Devils Rope Museum
Potato museum - The Kartoffelnmuseum, Munich
The Salt Museum, Northwich
The Turban Museum, Jaipur


Calamity Close

Brown To Earth (Electricians)


Punintention Alley

A bar, in Switzerland - CRAP Bar
Doctors surgery - Kilmeny Surgery
Florists, also in Switzerland - Bloemen Ecke

Funeral Service - R.S. Cape Funerals
Hotel - John Thomas Inn
Guest House - David Guest House
Hungarian Restaurant - Fatal

Lawyers - Wright Hassall
Yoga centre - Kripalu (pron. Cripple-you)


Portman-Tow Path

Bicycles & Sweets - Wheelie Wonka's
Cafe and Post Office - Toast Office
Cakes and art suppplies - Tarts and Crafts
Candles & computers - Candletech
Chinese and Mexican takeaway - Wok-a-moley
Coffee & Boardgames - Snakes & Lattes
Ice Cream & Fruit - Dolce & Banana
Kitchens & Poodles - Kitchens & Poodles
Medieval weapons, games and vacuum cleaners - Vacuums & Dragons
Milkshakes & eyebrow threading - Shake & Brow
Pens & Kites - Write Here, Kite Now
Pets & Puzzles - Pets & Puzzles
Ski Equipment & Lawnmowers - Eski-mowers 
Portman Tow Path also has a music festival, featuring an open mic session & reptile show, inspired by an identical event at The Castle Tavern, Luton

Map of Pun Street

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Pun Street Map

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