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Hi, Street!


Pun Street is becoming one of the largest shopping districts in the UK.

If you have somewhere you have seen, then let us know here.
Thanks to the efforts of listener Andrew Simpson, the full least is easy to read entries for Fail Lane, Charming Alley, Creepy Close and Vain Parade here.

And listener Emma Corsham has made a map here.

We receive hundreds of emails with suggestions... so to help us deal with them we'd really appreciate it if you put the shop's name and the word 'Pun' in the subject line of your email... everything else goes to the back of the queue!

The only rules for Pun Street are:
- The business needs a pun in the title
- It needs to really exist
- The pun must not fall down on location once the business moves to Pun Street. As much as we like the St Andrews based sun tan salon, Sun Tandrews, it can't be on Pun Street because the pun ceases to exist if it's not in St Andrews.
- There can only be one of each business on Pun Street. Your pun has to beat one already there if the businesses clash.

Oh... and because we get sent loads of them every week, it's probably worth me saying that chipshops called The Cod Father, kebab shops called Abra Kebabra and hairdressers called Curl Up And Dye are not going to merit inclusion, spoiled by their own prevalence on high streets up and down the land.

There are of course, other streets in the precinct. Namely:

Charming Alley: Not puns, but great names that are full of character.
Your Aunty Used To Have One But She Threw It Away
(second hand bric-a-brac shop)
Does Your Mother Know? (gay bar)

Fail Lane: People often assume that this is for puns that fail. It's not. It's for names that simply defy belief. Names that are just undeniably awful. Names that fail and fail spectacularly.
Spaghetti Tree (Beauty Spa)
The Roman Empire (Chinese Restaurant)

Vain Parade: For businesses that go out of their way to aggrandise the owner. It's one thing to name a business after yourself, if you're a greengrocer called Bob, there's nothing wrong with calling the shop, Bob's Fruit & Veg. But you wouldn't call it: Bob Is Brilliant!
Tina, We Salute You (Cafe)
The Nicola Adams Experience (Hairdressers)

Creepy Close: Just ugh. I mean, really?
Kiss My Kids (We don't know what this business does and we don't want to know)

Calamity Close: Business names that are just plain dangerous.
Brown To Earth (Electricians) (The earth wire is not brown)

Punintention Alley: Business names that contain a pun... but where the pun wasn't intentional
David Guest House

Portman Tow Path: Businesses that do two things that don't naturally belong together.
Pets & Puzzles

Of course, you can see the full directory by visiting the Pun Street Yellow Pages.

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Latest photos from Pun Street

Map of Pun Street

Click to embiggen this map by listener Emma Corsham.
Pun Street Map

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