Team GB Spandathon – The Tonyliser

Sing for Spandathon. We'll be playing Spandau Ballet's Gold as many times as Team GB win gold medals. But we really want to hear your beautiful voices too!

Team GB have done it! The record from the 2008 Beijing Olympics was 19 gold medals, and on Tuesday 7 August they beat it. That means something very important is going to happen. That's right…

The Spandathon is on.

We made a solemn promise and we intend to keep it. On the Breakfast Show of Monday 13 August, we will play Spandau Ballet's Gold as many times as Team GB have won gold medals. Right now, that means we'll be playing Gold over 20 times. Tony Hadley will be joining us to sing one of the Golds live, but we also want to make a version featuring you! Record your part for the listeners' Gold by clicking here.

We also gave our doors a golden makeover to celebrate...

Kriss Akabusi Opens Our Golden Door Kriss Akabusi Opens Our Golden Door
Video: We want Team GB to get more golds and to help them on, we have painted our normally black door at 1 Golden Square to bright, shiny gold and who better than an Olympian Kriss Akabusi to open it for...

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