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Sunday 13th November - 4 days to go

An odd couple of days Tube Fans. Getting a call Thursday afternoon telling me that I had to undertake a medical as part of a risk assessment is not something I was expecting. Then being told that I had to actually pass the medical for my bosses to let me do the Tube Challenge was a stunner!  This all happened as I was driving home from Amersham. I'd picked the car up from there having undergone a dry run of the first four hours of the challenge during Thursday's breakfast show.
The medical was Friday morning and it would be best to say that it was certainly thorough.  I'm not in peak fitness so that was no surprise! But am I OK to sit on the tube for 16 hours?  That's the answer that I'm still waiting for!

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Wednesday 9th November - 8 days to go

The first nerves have arrived - but they're coupled with excitement!  Tomorrow morning I'll be setting off on a practice run, one week ahead of the Guinness World Record Attempt itself.
So Amersham it'll be at 0603 as I familiarise myself with the first few hours of my route.  Chesham, Watford, Acton, Earls Court - if you pass any of these on your commute to work you'll see me tomorrow morning.
If all goes well, I'll post up plans for next Thursday so you can all start to work out where you'll be meeting me with hot pizza to keep going to glory.  If it doesn't, you may hear the sound of a grown man sobbing...
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Sunday 6th November - 11 days to go

So we have a new date - Thursday 17th November.  And it's a good job too.  In a frank entry friends, I have to tell you that tonight I don't feel ready.
My girlfriend Lianne has just tried to help me by setting an on the spot challenge asking three random questions about locations of tube stations.  I failed all three.  Making matters worse, she recorded it to send to Christian.
Secondly my latest attempt at a schedule for the day appears to be falling flat too.  Yet another tube map discarded on the floor of failure.
Tomorrow is a new day.  I just hope it is a better day.
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Wednesday 26th October - 8 days to go

Team Chaos is coming together.  It started with a Radar key and now the offers of help are flooding in.  Well, dripping more like.

What I need now is physical support.  I've worked out my timetable for the first few hours of the challenge next Thursday and if your normal commute will take you near me, join me on the tube and be part of the record!  I'll be leaving the following stations at the following times during the breakfast show...

0603  Amersham
0631  Chalfont
0647  Chesham
0719  Moor Park
0736  Watford
0802  Harrow on the Hill
0826  Uxbridge
0844  Rayners Lane
0914  Acton Town
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Monday 24th October - 10 days to go

So it's no secret any more.  Thursday 3rd November will see me attempt to set a new world record for the London Tube Challenge.  I just hope that my first tube journey since I went public today is not a reflection of what lies ahead on the big day.
Half term meant Piccadilly Circus station was somewhat busier than normal as I got on the tube to head home. So busy that my infamous short fuse meant I nearly quit for a bus back to Hounslow.
This is not a winning attitude! One that Roy Castle would not be proud of!  I need to salute the likes of Trish Dainton who contacted the show this morning saying she will lend me her Radar key to have access to toilets on the stations.
Trish - it is people like you that could see my name in the big book next Christmas! And you'll also save me from a couple of nasty episodes with used squash bottles...
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The challenge gets underway...

Tube Challenge: Richie Takes a MedicalTube Challenge: Richie Takes a Medical
Video: Richie's been told by the boss he has to take and pass a medical before he can do the Tube Challenge next week. Maggie's gone with him to Harley Street for moral support.

Tube Challenge: Pre-Training With Christian Tube Challenge: Pre-Training With Christian
Video: Richie and Christian take a tube trip to check out one leg of the journey - a leg that will see Richie have to run from one station to the next. Christian challenges Richie to a "tube surf" and...

Tube Challenge: Richie Trains in the GymTube Challenge: Richie Trains in the Gym
Video: Richie's got just over a week to go before he attempts his Guinness World Record attempt Tube Challenge. Maggie's taken him to the local gym to get him training.

Tube Challenge: Richie Visits A ChemistTube Challenge: Richie Visits A Chemist
Video: Captain Chaos is going to be on a tube for a long, long day, hopefully around 16 hours. How will his toilet behaviour be affected? He's gone to Boots to find out...

Richie's Tube Challenge Press ConferenceRichie's Tube Challenge Press Conference
Video: Captain Chaos holds a press conference to make an exciting announcement about his Tube Challenge. He's got some very important support!

Richie talks to the tube challenge record holderRichie talks to the tube challenge record holder
Video: Richie talks about his upcoming Tube Challenge with Marc Gawley, the previous record holder.

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