Ok, so let's be honest no man likes talking about cancer, especially when it's "cancer of the downstairs", but the truth is we've got to. Cancer will affect all of us in one way or the other and Movember is all about raising awareness and funds for men's health, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

A bit like us, the nice people at Movember don't want to preach at you, they want to make you aware of what you need to look for and how you can get help, but we all want to do it in a way that is fun. That's why growing a Mo for Movember is a good idea. You'll also look darned sexy too (that's right we're making you hotter). Think about some of the sexiest men in history they've all had facial furniture, Des Lynam, Merv Hughes and Magnum PI are just two examples. We also want Mo Sistas to support their men and encourage them to talk about their health.

Last year, Movember had its most successful year to date with over 855,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas across the globe raising a phenomenal 79.3 million. The hairy movement will continue to grow in 2012, as 21 countries across five continents unite to have an everlasting impact on the face of men's health.

We're going to be talking about Movember a lot. We hope you understand why. If you're squeamish, we'll try not to go into too much detail, but we need you to promise to think about it, at least once. We also want you to tell us how you're getting involved. You can tell us your stories here and you can donate money by clicking on the button to the right.

InterviewFrank Turner: Interview
Video: Singer-songwriter Frank Turner talks to our presenter Christian Nash about taking part in Movember, just before he's shaved clean to begin the challenge for charity!

Chris from Muse on MovemberMuse: Chris from Muse on Movember
Video: Chris from Muse chats to Andy Bush about his involvement in Movember - and growing the perfect mo...

Andy Bush gets shaved live on airAndy Bush gets shaved live on air
Video: On the first of Movember 2012, presenter Andy Bush gets shaved live on the Breakfast Show, as he starts his quest to grow a mo. Will he succeed?

Pete Donaldson gets shaved live on airPete Donaldson gets shaved live on air
Video: Pete Donaldson sits down in the wet shave hotseat to remove all facial hair as he starts his quest to grow the perfect mo this Movember.

What do women think of a mo?What do women think of a mo?
Video: One of the co-founders of Movember, JC, explains some of the feedback he's had about what women really think about men growing moustaches to raise awareness.

History of Movember and how you can get involvedHistory of Movember and how you can get involved
Video: JC, one of the co-founders of Movember, explains the history of the movement from its humble beginnings in 2003, and tells you how you can get involved too!

Jason Keener on MovemberJason Keener on Movember
Video: Lorry driver Jason Keener, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 40, speaks about the importance of the Movember movement, raising awareness about male cancers, and how his experience has...

Sarah Champion on MovemberSarah Champion on Movember
Video: Sarah Champion tells us about her personal experiences with testicular cancer and how Movember has helped her family. Here's a video sharing her stories and some moustache tips ahead of the event.

Pete Donaldson on MovemberPete Donaldson on Movember
Video: Pete Donaldson will be taking part in Movember this year, here's a video sharing his thoughts ahead of the event.

Jim Proudfoot on MovemberJim Proudfoot on Movember
Video: Jim Proudfoot will be taking part in Movember this year, here's a video sharing his thoughts ahead of the event.

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For all the latest Movember information sign-up to their website.

If you would like to donate some money for Movember please click the link below. Movember helps to fund Prostate Cancer UK, The Institute of Cancer Research & the Movember Foundation.

Enter for your chance to win a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler.

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