Lotto: What Would You Do?
tell us your lotto dream

…and win a taste of it!

Recently Lotto have been asking 'What Would You Do?', and it's got us thinking about how we'd spend a jackpot win. Now, we’re all grownups here (apart from Christian) and there’s a good chance all of us would pay off the mortgage and head off on holiday... but that’s not what we’re after.

We want to hear your wacky wishes and your fantastic fantasies! Maybe you’d book a seat on the first passenger flight to space, or perhaps you’d buy 2 million packets of jammy dodgers, or an orangutan sanctuary in Indonesia? Every day between 8.30 and 9am in the week beginning October 24th Christian and The Breakfast Show team will pick their favourite 5 ideas and put them into The Breakfast Show tombola – if your name is picked out you will be getting a call. If you answer your phone in 5 rings saying “Hello Christian, if I won Lotto I would...” then you’ll win a taste of your Lotto dream! If you don’t answer the phone like this then sorry, your chance has gone and we’ll move on to the next caller. Tell us your idea using the contact form below.

If you don't get a call from the Breakfast Show, there's one more chance to win! After Friday's show, the remaining online entries will go into a draw and one lucky winner will receive a tailor-made package to suit their (probably quite bizarre) needs.

What would you do?

Remember, you need to be listening to the Breakfast Show between 8.30 and 9am in the week beginning October 24th, or you might miss the call!

This competition has closed.
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This competition is being run by Absolute Radio, not Camelot UK Lotteries Limited or The National Lottery
Lotto players must be 16 or over

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A terraced house converted to look like a castle!What Would You Do?
Time to dream big. Here are some ideas...

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