I haven't heard it for ages

Haven't Heard It For Ages

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You know those songs that make you want to turn up the radio - the ones that bring back the good old days? You find yourself wondering why they don't get played any more? Well, call us strange, but we're going to change all that...

During The No Repeat Guarantee from 10am to 5pm every day on Absolute Radio, you can listen to the songs that you haven't heard for ages... But rather than playing the songs we like (which sounds like a great idea!), we'd like to know which songs YOU want to hear.

So whether it's a personal favourite or something you and your colleagues are dying to hear - we want to know about it. Send in your request, tell us why you want to hear it and if you're requesting it for all your mates at work too - let us know who they are and where you work... and just keep listening.

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Listen & win a digital radio!

ecologicWe've acquired some great digital radios for you. Don't ask how. When you hear your Haven't Heard It For Ages track played for you, call us whilst it's playing on 0330 123 1215, and we'll send you a neat Roberts Classic DAB*, so you can listen to Absolute Radio, wherever you are in the country... Not that you need a bribe.

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