Maggie Doyle

Maggie Doyle

Maggie from The Breakfast Show.

The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show's Maggie Doyle tells us a bit about herself...

I was born in the 'Sunny South East' of Ireland in a town called Wexford, whose big claim to fame is that the opening gory scenes of Saving Private Ryan were filmed on the local beach. I started reading 'the news' out loud aged 4, wearing Mammy's glasses and sitting at the kitchen table pretending I was looking down the camera. (There's no camera yet but there is a microphone!)

After a brief stint in the heady world of amateur dramatics, I gradually made my way to the bright lights of London, via many beer soaked student rugby days in Cardiff. Plunging myself into student debt I became a 'professional' and qualified as a Broadcast Journalist. I punted myself around a few different stations as a freelance news and travel reader before setting foot in One Golden Square and making myself indispensable to the Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show.

Christian O'ConnellThe Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show
Join Christian O'Connell from 6am for the Breakfast Revolution.

In two years I have proved I make the best cup of tea, I can shout just as loud if not louder than Christian O'Connell, I make up my own travel terminology ("broken down" anywhere?), I love all things Irish and girly and have been known to leave boozed up voicemails!

My pink wellies are my ultimate accessory but I can really only get away with wearing them at the Isle of Wight Festival and for some reason, the sun usually shines there so they rarely get a look in!

Highlights and Lowlights of being on the best Breakfast Show on the airwaves;

You can guess which are the highs and lows there.

I like to sing, loudly, I crave hash browns every morning, I make the best cup of tea ever. Give me a glass of wine, the girls and a week of gossip to catch up and I am in my element. But also, give me the Breakfast team, a pub and a beer and it's just as good - but on a whole different level!

You can follow Maggie on Twitter @TheMaggieDoyle

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