Andy Bush

Andy Bush

Afternoons on Absolute Radio.

Andy Bush may be one of the newer members at Absolute Radio having joined in April 2012 but he's certainly earned his stripes during his career having interviewed celebrities like Ricky Gervais and The Killers, toured the UK with a band and had a single played on the radio.

He's been nominated for 5 Sony Radio Academy Awards so far and previously spent 10 years as the number one commercial breakfast show in the West Country.

Andy hosts the afternoon slot on Absolute Radio and can also be heard across the network on Absolute Radio 70s after moving to London from Bristol and says he made sure he was fully prepared for the city; "I'm hugely excited to be living and working here, I've been practicing the 'not making eye contact on the tube' by ignoring myself in a full length mirror!"

He admits he fell into radio by accident and before getting in to it full time he spent 8 years lugging amplifiers around playing bass in an indie band touring the country. His crowning moment was getting a record played by the legendary John Peel.

When Andy started his radio career after university he was the only traffic presenter in the UK who couldn't drive. He used to read from hand drawn maps and says he refused to go up in the spotter plane after his maiden flight when the pilot tried to take off with his coat still hooked on the rudder. Andy was then given his big break by GWR Bristol doing the drive time show for 2 years before taking over the breakfast show.

He thrives on interviewing people and counts himself lucky to have chatted to some of the biggest stars including Steven Merchant, Take That, Catherine Jenkins, The Hoff, Ross Noble, The Wanted and Zac Efron. He also grilled Nick Clegg and managed to find out why his wife hates him having a Wii in the lounge! As for the creativity that radio allows him, Andy says that a showbiz correspondent with a hearing aid, an impromptu 300 person Thriller dance in a shopping mall and Tesco Metro battleships are just a few of the odd things that have crawled out of his imagination and end up on the airwaves so far.

Andy is also an accomplished writer in both print and magazine and will be familiar to viewers of Sky News where he has appeared as a guest commentator.

Andy Bush can be heard on Absolute Radio from 1pm-5pm Monday to Friday, Sundays from 9am and on Absolute Radio 70s from 10am-1pm Monday to Friday.
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