Absolute Classic Rock Party

With Leona Graham, Saturdays from 6pm

Saturday nights. Crap aren't they?
The kids have been driving you mad all day, your team's lost (again) and there's another bunch of wannabe pop lightweights murdering some classic song on the box.

Time to rock out!
Grab your air guitar and a couple of tinnies and turn the radio volume up to 11 because Leona Graham is here to save your weekend!

Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, Queen, The Boss, Aerosmith, Clapton, Free, Bon Jovi, Bowie, Floyd, ZZ Top, The Who, Hendrix, Bryan Adams, Van The Man, Thin Lizzy, Genesis, Nirvana and Neil Young... The greatest songs of all time from your favourite artists - back to back in full and uninterrupted glory - on the Absolute Classic Rock Party show.

Saturday evenings from 7pm on Absolute Radio - three and a half hours of turbo fuelled guitar anthems to soundtrack your Saturday night.

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If you want more, tune in to our sister station, Absolute Classic Rock, available 24 hours a day on DAB and online.

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Leona GrahamLeona Graham
Amazingly, presenting was never part of her career plan.

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