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Friday at 7pm

If you like the sound of synths and the beat of a drum machine, or if you get a sense of melancholy when your hand accidentally brushes over the shoulderpads of that sequinned jacket you've sworn to the back of the cupboard, then you may want to tune in to Absolute 80s.

Leona hosts a three hour show every Friday night from 7 dedicated to the hits from the decade when over-crimped, over hairsprayed hair was a thing to applaud, rather than a thing to recoil from in horror.

Also – keep tuned to Absolute Radio throughout the day when you'll be able to hear some of your favourite 80s tunes between the usual great music.

Absolute 80s: The UK's only 80s radio station

If you want even more 80s music then tune in to our new sister station, Absolute 80s. It's the UK's only radio station dedicated to playing the undisputed classics of the 1980s, nonstop. You can listen online at absolute80s.com, on DAB in London or through digital TV channels Sky 0200, Virgin Media 951 and Freesat 726.

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