U2 have released twelve studio albums, sold over 150 million records worldwide
during a career spanning thirty years and collected countless prestigious
awards, including a whopping 22 Grammys, more than any other band. Known for
extravagant and energetic live shows and political activism, the group fronted
by Bono is arguably the biggest band on earth. In 1978, a young ... read more

Archive interview

We trawled through the dusty archives at One Golden Square to find this brilliant bumper-length interview with U2, recorded in 2000 with Chris Evans.Is Adam parking the car? What's Bono's favourite breakfast? Listen and find out.

Metallica's Lars Ulrich 'immensely inspired' by U2 iTunes giveaway

Drummer admires the Irish band for their 'attempt to reinvent the wheel'
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U2 have finished '70 per cent' of their next album

'Songs Of Experience' will follow the recently released 'Songs of Innocence'
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U2 Quietly Release Songs Of Innocence Vinyl Early So They Can Win All The Grammys

After noisily spamming your iTunes account with Songs Of Innocence, their turgid chore of a new album, U2 have quietly slid a few vinyl copies of the LP to a few independ...
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Benedict Cumberbatch: Ellen Made Me Photobomb U2

Actor passes the buck to Oscars host over his tipsy antics...
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U2 announce 2015 arena tour in wake of free iTunes album backlash

Their free iTunes album release might have played a part in Apple’s “PR disaster”, but U2 are determined to storm through the backlash with a 2015 aren...
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Beyoncé manager rules out U2 style free album release plan

Jim Sabey says that record sales are still "really important"
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U2 reveal 'raw, naked and personal' artwork for 'Songs Of Innocence' album

Drummer Larry Mullen Jr. embraces his son in black and white shot
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U2′s Songs Of Innocence CD Cover Is Larry Mullen Jr. And Son, Shirtless

U2′s test press album art for Songs Of Innocence was always meant to be temporary, and now the band has revealed the official artwork for the physical release of th...
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an interview w/ Bob Geldof (on the Boomtown Rats shows, U2, the importance (or non-importance) of Rock n Roll

by Jonathan Dick 'I grabbed hold of it, and the rhetoric of change was rock and roll, the platform for change was rock and roll, the desirability, the inevitability of ch...
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Coastal panel recommends that U2 guitarist's Malibu project proceed

Posted 20 September 6.14am — Comment on this

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