The Smiths

The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester in 1982. The band
consisted of vocalist Morrissey, guitarist Johnny Marr, bassist Andy Rourke
and drummer Mike Joyce. Critics have called them the most important
alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of
the 1980s. Q magazine's Simon Goddard argued in 2007 that The Smiths ... read more

Skream Remixes The Smiths

Head to the replies or here ( to listen to *Skream* ('s "Heart Wrenc...
Posted 27 December 2013 7.10pm — Comment on this

Morrissey's 'gay' relationship edited from US edition of Autobiography

It was one of the major revelations in Morrissey’s Autobiography when it hit UK shelves in October, but details of The Smiths singer’s gay relationship have ...
Posted 5 December 2013 11.32am — Comment on this

The Smiths’ Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke reunite, perform together in NYC

Watch footage of “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”.
Posted 17 November 2013 4.10pm — Comment on this

Morrissey, Ski Lodge, The Smiths: Prefix Top 10: The Smiths

The last few decades have seen numerous artists and musicians taking inspiration from The Smiths and their main man Morrissey. ... Read the full article at
Posted 25 October 2013 6.11pm — Comment on this

Saves The Day and Hostage Calm Cover The Smiths

You can watch a video of *Saves The Day (* and *Hostage Calm (* performing an acoustic rendition of *Th...
Posted 18 October 2013 6.55pm — Comment on this

KEXP at CMJ 2013, Day 2: Ski Lodge

It’s pretty perfect that the frontman of Ski Lodge shares a surname with the guitarist for The Smiths since their sound is totally reminiscent of those Manchester l...
Posted 18 October 2013 1.36pm — Comment on this

Morrissey confirms relationship with male snapper

Singer Morrissey has confirmed long-running rumours he formed a close relationship with a male photographer in the 1990s. The former The Smiths star has consistently dod...
Posted 17 October 2013 8.10am — Comment on this

Exclusive video: Morrissey performs in '25 Live'

In this exclusive clip, see the singer perform The Smiths' 'Still Ill.'
Posted 8 October 2013 3.00am — Comment on this

Morrissey says he isn’t behind takedown attempt of This Charming Charlie

The Tumblr pairing Peanuts comic strips with Smiths lyrics lives on.
Posted 6 October 2013 6.33pm — Comment on this

Video Rewind: The Smiths’ Third Performance Ever

31 years to the day of the band's first performance.
Posted 4 October 2013 9.00pm — Comment on this

Morrissey axes autobiography over disagreement with publishers

Former Smiths' frontman Morrissey has pulled plans to publish his autobiography after what he described as a “last-minute content disagreement” with his publ...
Posted 13 September 2013 1.22pm — Comment on this

Johnny Marr Shoots Down Possible Smiths Reunion

Fans need to find a hobby...
Posted 12 August 2013 7.04pm — Comment on this

Morrissey Wins $14,869 In Lawsuit Over Unlicensed Smiths Song

And donates it to PETA...
Posted 10 July 2013 2.05am — Comment on this

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Top songs

The 5 most played The Smiths songs in the past year.

  • This Charming Man  227 plays
  • Panic  198 plays
  • How Soon Is Now?  164 plays
  • What Difference Does It Make?  110 plays
  • Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now  89 plays

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Absolute Radio stations playing songs by The Smiths over the past year.

  1. Absolute 80s 646 plays
  2. Absolute Radio 484 plays
  3. Absolute Radio 90s 14 plays
  4. Absolute Radio 70s 12 plays
  5. Absolute Radio 60s 12 plays
  6. Absolute Radio 00s 12 plays
  7. Absolute Classic Rock 12 plays

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