The Beatles

The Beatles, also known as The Fab Four, were an English rock band from
Liverpool who formed in 1960 and became one of the biggest and most critically
acclaimed groups in the world. 40 years on and their timeless tracks are still
flying off the shelves, with new generations of music fans firmly under their
spell. The Beatles started out as a five piece in 1960, but a ... read more

Archive interviews

We've been through the One Golden Square archives to find several Beatles interviews from the past few years. Grab your headphones and enjoy archive interviews from Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Giles Martin and Pete Best - everyone's favourite Beatle-who-never-was.

Bob Dylan announces tour, including 4 nights at the Beacon, completing 'Basement Tapes,' met The Beatles 50 years ago

Bob Dylan will be hitting the road again this year for a tour which culminates in NYC with a four-night run at Beacon Theatre from November 28 to December 2. These should...
Posted 4 days 12 hours ago — Comment on this

Culture icons of the 20th century

In pictures: As an exhibition of David Farrell's iconic images arrives at Osborne Samuel, here is some of his greatest work including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and ...
Posted 4 days 21 hours ago — Comment on this

‘Hohokum': All the braver for ignoring gaming conventions

THE PLAYERThe emphasis is on exploration in “Hohokum.” (Honeyslug / Sony Santa Monica)Deep within dating site OkCupid, there’s a question that ...
Posted 23 August 2.00pm — Comment on this

Matthew Weiner Is Wrong. The Gender Wage Gap Is Real, Even In Hollywood

MoreGeorge Takei: ‘Being Optimistic Is Ensuring Your Success’See How ‘Oh My’ Became George Takei’s CatchphraseBritish Militants Dubbed 'The ...
Posted 21 August 7.39pm — Comment on this

Bob Eubanks on bringing the Beatles to Hollywood Bowl in 1964

Posted 21 August 2.00pm — Comment on this

Bob Eubanks on bringing the Beatles to Hollywood Bowl in 1964

A lot of folks in the music business talk about betting the house on a hunch, but veteran Top 40 deejay and TV show host Bob Eubanks is one who literally did just that wh...
Posted 21 August 2.00pm — Comment on this

Author's dive into Beatles story still has depths to explore

CHICAGO (Reuters) - For British author Mark Lewisohn, telling the story of the world's greatest rock band the way it deserves to be told will take time - a quarter-centur...
Posted 19 August 8.10pm — Comment on this

Rare Beatles photos discovered at London children's home

The Children's Society discovered pictures of the band on a visit to the charity in 1964
Posted 18 August 5.53pm — Comment on this

Paul McCartney reveals never-seen-before photo from The Beatles’ last gig

Paul McCartney has revealed a previously-unseen picture of The Beatles from the band’s last ever official gig at Candlestick Park, San Francisco in 1966.
Posted 15 August 5.06pm — Comment on this

Review: Paul McCartney delivers touching 'Farewell to Candlestick'

Last Candlestick Park concert is a winner, with Paul McCartney performing Beatles, Wings classics.
Posted 15 August 1.47pm — Comment on this

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  • Revolution  325 plays
  • Get back  321 plays

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