Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh (born August 7, 1966) is an American singer/songwriter. She
came to prominence in the late 1980s as the leader of the alternative rock
group Throwing Muses before launching a solo career emphasizing her acoustic
guitar. In 2003, she formed the hardcore punk-influenced power trio 50 Foot
Wave. Hersh has written a memoir, titled Rat Girl, which was ... read more

Shorties (Classic Scottish Literature, Kristin Hersh on the New Throwing Muses Album, and more)

The OUPblog recommends Scottish classic literature. Kristin Hersh discusses the new Throwing Muses album with Rolling Stone. 25 online year-end "best books of 2013" lists...
Posted 30 November 2013 1.46pm — Comment on this

Sharing her medicine: Kristin Hersh makes music for and with her fans

Interview by A.V. Crofts I am sitting across a table from Kristin Hersh at Empire Dine and Dance. In Portland, Maine. She’s here to headline. I’m here because...
Posted 23 August 2012 9.08pm — Comment on this

Kristin Hersh: 'I've only written one book and I didn't know how to write that' - video

Kristin Hersh talks to us about her memoir Paradoxical Undressing and the difference between performing at a book festival compared to a music festivalRichard SprengerXan...
Posted 20 August 2011 10.43am — Comment on this

Having children helped my depression

Having experienced depression, Viv Groskop feared that motherhood would make the condition worse. But, for her, family life has had the opposite effectBefore I had childr...
Posted 5 March 2011 12.07am — Comment on this

friday afternoon updates

Walker said...Kevin Rowland- My Beauty (1999)Thanks FChttp://burningaquarium.blogspot.comjeffen said...01 Ye Playboys and Playgirls - Dave Sharp and The Acoustic Te...
Posted 4 February 2011 3.14pm — Comment on this

Guardian Books podcast: Rock memoirs with Kristin Hersh

The announcement that Bob Dylan has signed a six-book deal, and that Yoko Ono is close to signing John Lennon's letters over for publication inspired us to devote much of...
Posted 28 January 2011 10.27am — Comment on this

sunday evening updates continued

zerode said...Soul for Sunday/Song of the Day:Curtis Mayfield, "Right On for the Darkness"Brief discussion of the song and the album, 1973's "Back to the World"Links ...
Posted 14 November 2010 7.05pm — Comment on this

What's going on Friday?

Roky Erickson Damien Jurado today in NYC * Slick Rick @ BB King's * Elysian Fields @ Joe's Pub * Henry Grimes @ The Stone * Kristin Hersh @ 92YTribeca * Asleep At The Whe...
Posted 12 November 2010 8.13pm — Comment on this

Kristin Hersh: Rat Girl Live!

In 1985, Kristin Hersh was a eighteen-year-old kid, sleeping in her car or abandoned apartments, playing shows every week with her band Throwing Muses. In one tumultuous ...
Posted 12 October 2010 12.10am — Comment on this

Under the Covers: Kristin Hersh’s Rat Girl

Presenting “Under the Covers,” a new column that takes an in-depth look at album covers drawn by comic book artists, and the musicians who hook up with them. ...
Posted 1 October 2010 7.00pm — Comment on this

Video: Kristin Hersh: How I Wrote ... Flooding

American singer-songwriter and founder of Throwing Muses, Kristin Hersh, plays us an exclusive version of her song FloodingBen KapeAndy GallagherElliot Smith
Posted 22 July 2010 1.14pm — Comment on this

Download: Kristin Hersh with TW Walsh - "Around Dusk" (MP3 / FLAC)

2010 is a ridiculously rewarding time to be a Kristin Hersh fan. Having eschewed the standard record/release/tour/rinse/repeat cycle that most label-bound artists stick ...
Posted 19 July 2010 2.21pm — Comment on this

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