Gun is a hard rock band from Glasgow, Scotland. They are best known for their
cover of Cameo's "Word Up!". Early careerOriginally called Blind Allez then
for a short time, 'Phobia', GUN were formed in 1987 by Giuliano Gizzi (guitar)
and Cami Morlotti (bass), with Mark Rankin (vocals), Alan Thornton (drums) and
David Aitken (guitar). Signed in 1988 by A&M Records the band ... read more

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Top songs

The 5 most played Gun songs in the past year.

  • Word up  266 plays
  • Don't Believe A Word  3 plays
  • Better Days  1 plays

Played on

Absolute Radio stations playing songs by Gun over the past year.

  1. Absolute Radio 90s 284 plays
  2. Absolute Classic Rock 147 plays
  3. Absolute Radio 142 plays
  4. Absolute 80s 10 plays
  5. Absolute Radio 70s 9 plays
  6. Absolute Radio 00s 9 plays
  7. Absolute Radio 60s 9 plays

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