Goldspot are from LA and take their name from a now-defunct Indian soda rather than the breath freshening spray. Their new single, 'Friday' can be found on the Playlist and you can read more about them right here.

'Friday' is a luscious, summery tune that incorporates the lilting vocals of Siddhartha Khosla - the brainchild of Goldspot - and Beach Boys-esque vibes backing him up (influenced heavily by former Beach Boys engineer Jeff Peters) and the world-renowned Bollywood Orchestra.
After leaving college, Sid moved to London and started the band but soon returned to LA and eventually found drummer Ramy Antoun to help form the core of the band. The rest - Derek Horst, guitar; Seth McLain, guitar, keys; Sergio Andrade, bass - joined after 'Tally Of The Yes Men' was recorded.

Sid has actually released two other records but he reckons the latest one is the first time he's felt like he's put his voice down on tape as it naturally came out. "At the time i thought they were awesome but now theyre a bit painful to listen to. We're proud of this one."

Sid on his influences:

"I'm a first generation Indian born in the United States. I grew up listening to a lot of Indian music for the first 14, 15 years of my life. That really shaped me as far as melody. A lot of it is stunning musically. All you hear on those albums is vocals and the melodies are so hooky and complex at the same time that it really affected the way I write songs."

Goldspot were the first band to play London's O2 Arena when they opened up for Bon Jovi in June '07. "I'm from New Jersey just like Bon Jovi," Sid explains. "In New Jersey you'll hear Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen on the jukebox a few times a night, so all my friends think that I've made it."

Originally planning on being a public defender (a lawyer representing people too poor to afford one), Sid gave up his education for Goldspot. "I'd only go back if Goldspot became really successful because if this prematurely ended i'd be more inspired to go back and make another album." Good luck to them!


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