Billy Idol

William Michael Albert Broad (born 30 November 1955), known professionally as
Billy Idol, is an English rock musician, songwriter and actor. Idol first
achieved fame in the punk rock era as a member of the band Generation X.
Unlike other British punk rock artists, Idol claimed he was inspired by the
Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Idol then embarked on a successful ... read more

The 411 Music Top Five 10.16.13: Top 5 Worst Concept Albums

From KISS' Music From "The Elders" and Metallica and Lou Reed's Lulu to Billy Idol's Cyberpunk and more, 411's Jeremy Thomas counts down the top 5 worst concept albums of...
Posted 16 October 2013 6.18am — Comment on this

2013 MTV Video Music Awards + Twerk 'We Can't Stop' vs. 'Rebel Yell'

Miley's Disney Channel base was forced to grow up rather quickly as she strode out on stage wearing studded leather from head-to-toe, paying tribute to both Billy Idol an...
Posted 26 August 2013 7.07am — Comment on this

Live Video: David Schelzel of The Ocean Blue

Recently, David Schelzel of The Ocean Blue stopped by the KEXP studios to play a live acoustic set, which included a cover of Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Fac...
Posted 14 June 2013 5.20am — Comment on this

Would You Hit It?

In case you don't know who this is, I'll give you five possible answers: a) Samantha Ronson in 20 yearsb) The sixth place winner in a Billy Idol look-alike co...
Posted 8 February 2013 7.39pm — Comment on this

Billy Idol Performs At Fan’s Birthday Party

Rocker Billy Idol fulfilled his promise to perform at a fan's 26th birthday party on Friday, taking to the stage in a Seattle, Washington club for the special concert.
Posted 29 October 2012 5.31pm — Comment on this

Fan gets Idol to play birthday

It took one fan two years to persuade rock legend Billy Idol to appear at his birthday party.
Posted 29 October 2012 1.25pm — Comment on this

Billy Idol Plays At Fan's Birthday Party

Rocker Billy Idol fulfilled his promise to perform at a fan's 26th birthday party on Friday (26Oct12), taking to the stage in a Seattle, Washington...
Posted 29 October 2012 12.16pm — Comment on this

Readers' panel: what's the best music biopic?

Four readers tell us about their favourite film portrayals of real-life musicians. But what's yours?Earlier this week we asked readers to tell us about their favourite mu...
Posted 15 June 2012 12.43pm — Comment on this

Billy Idol - Rocker Morrison's Wife Files For Divorce

The wife of Billy Idols guitarist Billy Morrison has filed for divorce Jennifer Morrison filed the legal documents at the beginning of the month Jan12 citing irreconcilab...
Posted 18 January 2012 6.06pm — Comment on this

Billy Idol's Guitarist Getting Divorced

Billy Morrison's wife files to end the marriage...
Posted 18 January 2012 5.10pm — Comment on this

Billy Idol - Idol Working With Son On New Material

Rocker Billy Idol is working on a new project with his musician son Willem Wolfe Broad Father and son began working on new tracks while Idol was recently left housebound ...
Posted 4 December 2011 1.06pm — Comment on this

Blake Veil Brides To Cover Kiss And Billy Idol On New EP

Along with a new original song...
Posted 2 December 2011 10.05pm — Comment on this

The 411 Music Top Five 10.04.11: Top 5 Favorite 1980s Songs

From Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal," Metallica's "One" and Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell" to A-Ha's "Take On Me," Madonna's "Like a Prayer," The Cure's "Lovesong" and mor...
Posted 4 October 2011 6.05am — Comment on this

Culture flash: heatwaves

This week's news in the artsIf you want to generate suspense, the relentless pressure of a heatwave – and its promise of a cathartic thunderstorm – always mak...
Posted 3 August 2011 9.45pm — Comment on this

The Very Best – Super Mom mixtape

Super Mom is a free download mixtape from The Very Best that coincided with Mother’s Day in the U.S. Apart from the title though, that’s where the tie-in ends...
Posted 10 May 2011 4.03pm — Comment on this

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