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Work Experience

You're awake! It must be the afternoon.

So you'd like to do some work experience with us? Marvellous. You'll be working with our Station Assistants for four weeks. All work experience posts are unpaid. You also must be currently studying a higher education media related course.

You should be confident, reliable, and self-motivated. You should be prepared to make the tea, sort the post, make the tea, send out prizes and make the tea on a daily basis. In return you'll get to do some really fun stuff like popping out to ask people in the street silly questions, meeting and helping departments, having inductions to have a better understanding of how our business works and of course... making the tea!

During a four-week placement you'll get to see all areas of our business and how we operate as a semi-dysfunctional family.

It's great for your CV, and we often ask the outstanding people to come back and help us out at various events during the year.

We're extremely proud of our work experience programme, and should you be successful in your application, we look forward to welcoming you through the doors here at One Golden Square.

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Where are they now?

Quite a few of our staff started out here on work experience. They've agreed to break the silence and tell all. The following words are their own.

Annabel Port

Annabel Port
Co-presenter, Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show

I spent a good few days of my time on work experience stuffing envelopes for a big sales mailout, but I also got to see how all the different departments worked, and meet the people who would become invaluable to my career later. If you can grit your teeth and smile through the less-glamorous stuff you really can get a lot out of your time here.

Tim Vernon

Tim Vernon
Deputy Head of Music

It was great, we went to the pub most afternoons to help Geoff 'research' for his show, played football in the back street, and... photocopied press clippings. Mind you it was the dot-com boom, times have changed a bit since then! I learnt how to use Cool Edit Pro in my spare time and, in-between commuting from Manchester, managed to get a job as a runner, which ultimately led to the job I'm doing now.

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans
Producer, Geoff Lloyd's Hometime Show

I got a call whilst temping in my local bank, offering me work experience. My four weeks flew by, and as someone who's always on the go, I loved being sent around the back streets of Soho on errands and getting to meet everyone around the building on my way. I got to sit in on a couple of sessions during my time and when I ran out of jobs, I looked for things that needed doing that helped people out (without being intrusive, it's a fine line!). I must have done something right as I was asked back to help out at festivals and ad-hoc work in the station, and I made some life-long friends along the way!

Eloise Carr

Eloise Carr
Associate Producer and Travel Presenter

I did work experience for four weeks, and I knew to expect some menial jobs, such as filing and more filing. But the way I figured it, I would be the best bloody filer they have ever had with a smile on my face! A good attitude improves your chances, as I then got to do some cool stuff like Vox Popping. When my time had finished I was also asked to help out at festivals too... I eventually got a full-time job here!

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