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Work Experience

You're awake! It must be the afternoon.

One Golden Square is home to six national radio brands, including Absolute Radio. We're looking for individuals with a love of music and a passion for radio broadcasting to experience working behind the scenes at some of the UK's biggest radio stations: Absolute Radio, Heat Radio, Kerrang!, Kiss, Magic and Planet Rock.

If you're a creative, enthusiastic, driven individual who wants to go far, you're in the right place. Your time at One Golden Square aims to give you a flavour of how radio stations work, from on-air presentation and production, through to the website, marketing and operation.

Every day is different; the agenda is set by what's happening at our family of stations at the time - it might depend who's visiting, or which events are taking place.

The facts

  • All placements will be two weeks unless otherwise arranged.
  • You must be aged 16 or over.
  • You'll need to demonstrate your passion for radio. It could be that you volunteer on local or hospital radio, or you're taking a media course at college or university.
  • All of our work experience opportunities will be advertised on gothinkbig.co.uk. We take applications several times a year, so keep your eyes peeled! Not only that, but One Golden Square will also host open playlist meetings, networking events and CV Clinic days, all of which will be advertised on gothinkbig.co.uk.

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