Hello. We’re Absolute Radio.

We like music, football, comedy, long walks on the beach and the colour purple. We like to play stone-cold classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, classic rock, and great new songs and artists too. We like to bring you exclusive live Premier League commentary, and post-match banter with Rock ‘N’ Roll Football. We also love to think up crazy places to stage live gigs, like Elbow in St. Paul’s Cathedral, Lenny Kravitz in a secret Soho club, and Elton John at the Union Chapel. We've also put on gigs with Florence and the Machine, Kasabian, and many more. Read More.

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You & Us

We think you’re flippin’ marvellous. No really, we do. We want to treat you right, and that means taking care of your privacy. Here’s how we do it. Read More.

Questions & Answers

We get asked a lot of questions, like ‘How do you choose what songs to play?’ and ‘Where are your clothes?’

Here are a few answers.

  1. What’s on your playlist?
  2. Why should I get an Absolute Radio Account?
  3. How can I listen to your stations?
  4. Meatloaf said that he would do anything for love except ‘that’. What is ‘that’?

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Jobs & Work Experience

From time to time we advertise opportunities to work here at Absolute Radio. Details of all available roles are posted at One Golden Square, our company blog.

We offer a work experience scheme to students who are over 18 and currently enrolled on a media-related course. Interested?

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Still got questions? Perhaps you just want to tell us how fantastically good-looking we are? Get in touch with us from the Contact page.

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